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Cummins was asked if he had seen the pitch and if he thought that the pitch had been used or not.

“Yeah, just had a look. I’m not a great pitch reader, but it looked pretty firm. They’ve only just watered it, so yeah, give it another 24 hours and have a look, but it looks like a pretty good wicket,” Cummins said. “Yes, I think Pakistan played someone there.”

He was then asked if the wicket was similar to Kolkata where Australia played their semi-final against South Africa which they won after a nail-biting contest.

“Yeah, hard to know I think it’s been a bit more high-scoring here throughout the tournament. Yeah, it’s been a pretty good wicket, so yeah, hard to say,” he added.

Australia have been playing cricket in India for a long time now and Cummins stated that they would require a complete balance in their bowling.

“You’ve got to be brave with some of the balls you use, slower balls, bouncers, you’ve got to find that balance between mixing it up but also not go chasing too much,” Cummins said. “I think we’ve struck that balance pretty well and at least over here in India, a lot of times by the end of the innings, things like cutters work perhaps better than it does elsewhere in the world.” GEO NEWS

The five-time Cricket World Cup champions will be aiming to add to their already bulging trophy cabinet when they take on India on home soil in front of 130,000 people in Ahmedabad and Cummins knows the vast majority of those fans will be cheering against his side.

But rather than being overawed by the occasion at Narendra Modi Stadium, Cummins wants his players to use the partisan crow to their advantage when possible when the World Cup crown will be decided on Sunday.

“The crowd is obviously going to be very one sided, but in sport there is nothing more satisfying than hearing a big crowd go silent and that’s the aim for us tomorrow,” Cummins said on Saturday.

“You’ve just got to embrace every part of a final.

“Even in the lead-up, there is going to be noise and more people and interest and you just can’t get overwhelmed, you have got to be up for it and you have got to love it.

“And just know whatever happens, it’s fine. You just want to finish the day with no regrets.” ICC



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